What Toothbrush Wants to Tell You in Silver Spring, MD

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If only toothbrushes can talk, for sure they have lots to say! Being the most important tool in keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums healthy, they need the right care too. Having a clean toothbrush is both beneficial for the oral and overall health. However, people often take this small but terrible device for granted. Here’s the list of things that every toothbrush want everyone to tell.


Beginning to fray? Throw me away!

For toothbrush, “forever” doesn’t exist. Like any other dental products, it also has a shelf life. Dentists recommend replacing them every three months; however, if the bristle started fraying, it needs to be replaced with a new one as soon as possible. A shredded brush is not any more effective in removing plaque especially on the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and teeth. Since toothbrush can be a hub for germs, changing it after one experienced cold, flu, and other mouth infections can avoid the harmful bacterias from spreading into the mouth.

Be loyal to me, please!

Toys, gadgets, and foods can be shared. But the toothbrush? No way! Strep throat and other severe illnesses can spread easily. Sharing the toothbrush means transferring millions of unwanted substances from one mouth to another.

Ewww I hate toilets.

Admit it. The toilet is not the best place for the toothbrush to be kept. Imagine all those germs partying on the bristles! When bacterias from the toilet bowl became airborne after flushing, they landed on whatever is nearby. As much as possible, place the toothbrush at least 6 feet away.

Mind cleaning me?

Okay. This is not a question, but instead a command. Disinfecting the toothbrush is a thing that everyone must do. Doing this includes rinsing it thoroughly in tap water after using to remove any remaining toothpaste and stubborn food debris. Also, soaking the toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthwash before using it again is another way to sanitize it.


Brushing the teeth is one necessary dental care routine. But the fact that even the most expensive and well-taken care toothbrush cannot completely clean the teeth, gums, and mouth, a Complete Checkups & Cleanings at Choice Dental Care is the key towards achieving excellent oral health!



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