Six Month Smiles: Are You Qualified? – Silver Spring, MD

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A lot can happen in six months, even a smile transformation! The evolution of different orthodontic treatment makes it possible to give a “quick fix solution” for patients who want to improve their smile. Orthodontic dentistry introduced, Six Month Smiles treatment.

We at Choice Dental Care provide a modern way of straightening a smile by Six Month Smiles treatment. Six Month Smiles uses the same method with traditional braces treatment except that Six Month Smile only uses brackets and wires that are less noticeable and tooth-colored because we understand our patient’s esteem needs. The treatment focuses only on the teeth that are highly visible when smiling making it a quick option in achieving a perfect smile. Before the procedure, we conduct a free initial orthodontic evaluation for the patients to make sure that they are fit for the orthodontic braces option that they are opting.

Since Six Month Smiles may not be for everyone, an orthodontic evaluation is needed to assess the patients’ orthodontic needs. Orthodontic evaluation allows the dentist to check the patient’s teeth and bites to see if there is a need of braces treatment such as Six Month Smiles. It is important to detect the orthodontic problems as it might affect the treatment options available and the length of the treatment. The dentist will determine the patient’s dental malocclusion or teeth misalignment. While common orthodontic treatment is inherited, some can be a product of an accident, or a child’s sucking habit.




Common Orthodontic Problems

Open Bite. An open bite is a type of malocclusion where the upper and lower teeth cannot be close together, making it difficult to make physical contact. It can be caused by dental issues, skeletal and even poor oral habits such as thumbsucking, tongue thrusting, and sucking off the lower lip.

Underbite. The other term for an underbite is prognathism. It is characterized by a lower jaw thrusting forward beyond the upper jaw. This malocclusion does not only affects the patient aesthetically but also impacts the patient’s ability to eat and speak.

Overbite. Overbite happens when the upper teeth protrude the lower teeth by a portion of 30 to 50%. There are two types of overbite, vertical and horizontal overbites. Vertical overbite takes place when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth while horizontal overbite occurs when the top protrude over the bottom teeth.

Tooth Crowding. There is an occurrence of tooth crowding if there is a lack of space for the teeth to fit normally within the jaws.

Misplaced Midline. Misplaced midline happens when there is no fine alignment between the centerline of the upper and lower teeth.

All these orthodontic problems, if moderate, can be treated through Six Month Smiles treatment. Patients will also be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles if they have concerns with the following:

Aesthetics. Six Month Smiles is perfect for patients who have cosmetic concerns. This treatment can enhance and make the smile more attractive.

Low key treatment. Since the brackets and wires used in this treatment is less visible and natural-looking, the patient’s teeth will not be a distraction when smiling and talking.

Immediate result. This treatment is a short-term procedure and does not sacrifice comfort at all.


Let Choice Dental Care help you determine your Six Month Smiles needs in Silver Spring through our free orthodontic evaluation! We are located at 8501 Colesville Rd. Suite 200, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Book your appointment now.