In-Office Teeth Whitening in Silver Spring, MD: What Are the Steps Involved?

Professional teeth whitening offers people an excellent solution for their stained, discolored teeth. It is a popular choice for many celebrities as well. The majority of Hollywood stars had their teeth whitened at the dentist. For them, asking for the help of a professional is the safest, most favorable way of achieving a white smile.

Choice Dental Care offers two types of teeth-whitening treatment: In-Office and Take-Home whitening. Among the two, the at-home treatment is more convenient as patients will get to whiten their teeth inside the comfort of their home. But when it comes to the result, in-office procedure brightens the smile in an instant! Patients can immediately see dramatic changes with their smiles right after one session.


Teeth Whitening


Step-By-Step Teeth Whitening Process

The process involved in a teeth-whitening treatment varies on the bleaching system utilized by dentists. Listed here are the standard steps of the procedure.

  • A clean canvas is necessary for the success of the treatment. Thus, the dentist requires patients to undergo dental cleanings first before the teeth whitening procedure. It is done to ensure that all unwanted accumulations that can compromise the treatment are removed.
  • After preparing the teeth, the dentist will let patients choose their desired smile shade. The dental professional may also take photos of the current color of the teeth for documentation.
  • The bleaching agent may contain ingredients that can irritate the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. To avoid harming them, the dentist will place dental dams to isolate the teeth.
  • Once secured, the application of the whitening solution will start. The bleaching agents are typically in the form of a paste or gel.
  • The next step is the activation of the whiteners through the use of a special light. Lasers are known to increase the effectiveness of the whitening treatment.
  • After penetrating on the teeth for a certain amount of time, the bleaching agent will be washed off followed by the removal of dental dams in the mouth.

In-office teeth whitening takes an hour or longer to finish. Since its common side effect is teeth sensitivity, we recommend the use of fluoridated oral care products afterward.


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